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How to enhance the security machine

Since the mine production process, the hoist is exposed to different loads and different ways to enhance and upgrade the trip, hoist traction is different, and should be appropriately adjusted, to enhance the speed should be controlled in time; if not appropriate processing and adjustment, the system will generate a smaller range of great accumulative error, resulting in large fluctuations in the system, resulting in overload or Songsheng, and even lead to a major accident or derailment tub over volume, etc., resulting in huge losses.
Therefore, to find a control method to improve control accuracy. In practice often used because it is a rotor string resistance velocity modulation level speed, speed is not continuous, and large impact on the grid. So seek an ideal speed for a given mode is extremely important, in order to improve the performance of the electronic control system to control and improve quality control.
Protection and anti-jamming measures the difference between the traditional AC control system reliability, security protection, blocking and monitoring system is imperfect, are single-line system, and control system and mixed together, most share a line, influence each other. This paper settings for restricting enhance the safety of the main aspects of deceleration, speed alarm and overload, Song Sheng, roll over protection and other security measures to increase the monitoring system, to enhance the operating status and fault sources constantly monitoring the security situation has improved the lift .
In order to ensure its safety in production, the system is designed isolation, filtering, shielding, grounding and other anti-jamming measures should be adopted. Safety circuit should have dual redundancy.
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