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Remove the front hoist inspection

Hoist before demolition, site operators to check details surrounding environment, removal of obstacles, delineated the danger zone and set up fences or warning signs. To set up special care when removing.
Before removing to a unified command, the operator should obey the leadership, close cooperation, in strict accordance with tests, order, security measures. Particular attention to the stabilization of the frame body even when removing the wall rod.
Demolition operations, non-throwing objects from a height downwards. Remove the lever and so timely liquidation is placed at a predetermined position, and neatly stacked.
Demolition should be "removed after the first take, after take the first demolition" order. Demolition hoist, the power must be cut off before demolition work after inspection is correct. Before removing the wall connecting rod, you should set up a temporary wind cable rope or a support frame body to ensure free height of not more than two standard section.
Before removing the gantry Tian Liang, should take firm measures to two columns, respectively, to ensure the stability of the single column. Demolition work should be carried out during the day, night work should be well lit, interruptions in operation, the firm should take temporary measures.
All hoist operator must be certified correct to wear helmets and seat belts.
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